Types of Holidays in Iceland

What experience is your customer expecting when coming to Iceland?

  • Budgeted: Short stay in Reykjavik and take seat-in-coach excursions

  • High End: Based in Reykjavik and take private tours with Driver-Guide

  • Self Drive: Drive around the country on their own

  • Luxury: Either based in Reykjavik or overnighting in the country with a private Super Jeep and Driver-Guide


Iceland on a Budget

  • Weekend break to Reykjavik, 3-5 nights

  • Airport transfers on shared coach basis

  • Mix of half day and full day excursions*

  • Coaches pick up time at hotels takes approx 30 minutes

  • Coaches pick you up and drop off at your hotel at the start/end of each tour

  • These tours can have up to 50 guests on the same coach

*Please ask for Obeo‘s „FIT Reykjavik based Excursions“



  • Weekend break to Reykjavik, 3-5 nights

  • Airport transfers with a private sedan and driver

  • Mix of half day and full day excursions with a private jeep and driver-guide

  • Flexibility: it‘s your private tour, just chat to your driver-guide and he‘ll recommend/adjust the day to your interests

Beautiful glacier.jpg


  • Travel around the country with our modified Super Jeeps, that can take you off the beaten track. Our Driver-Guides are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Your driver-guide will be with you 24/7 while travelling

  • Stay in some of our more exclusive hotels in the country, some of them offering your own private hot tub

  • Add unforgettable adventures to your stay such as helicopter rides over the highlands, where no cars can drive



  • May – September is the recommended season to do this

  • October – March, roads are snowy/icy and snowstorms are a common occurance. Guests who self drive in this period need to be very confident driving in such conditions and understanding to the fact that due to storms/road closures they‘ll have to be ready to adjust their route/program

  • Self Drivers to monitor www.safetravel.is every day

  • Obeo has created 3 best seller programs around the country*

*Please ask for Obeo‘s Self Drive packages