The following will be an overview of safety considerations when doing a self-drive in Iceland. For our self-drive itineraries please go here.


Safe Travel

Remember to monitor every day and check if your route for the day is safe.


In Iceland you drive on the right side or Right-Hand Traffic

Do not go off road

It may seem tempting to go off-road but it is strongly discourage as it’s dangerous, can damage our nature and in fact – it’s illegal and can be fined for up to €3500.

No highland roads

Highland roads are marked with an F and are very little driven and more often than not impassible due to poor conditions.

Mind the traffic around you

A common mistake done by self-driving visitors to Iceland is to stop on the road to take a picture. Please be careful not to do this as it is very dangerous. Rather wait for the next spot where it is possible to park the car to the side.


There are many two-lane roundabouts in the city of Reykjavík. The car which is on the inner lane ALWAYS has the right to exit first. Whenever the car on the inner lane wants to exit the roundabout, the car on the outer lane must let it pass.