In recent years Iceland has become known as the Bucket List destination and we are fully equipped to make a memorable visit to the land of ice and fire.



There are many different ways to visit Iceland. We can tailor-make the tour to your clients preference, whether it be an adventurous visit or a relaxing one, on a budget or luxurious, sightseeing or a city visit, and everything in between.

There are few guarantees in this life especially when you have a passion for customer delivery, quality and a real taste of “I really want to go back and try another experience with that organisation.” Well here is the thing; people create organisations and they make the experience happen from start to finish. Obeo Travel are that organisation and Rannveig Snorradottir and her team are the people that deliver. I have been in the travel and tourism sector for over 30 years and the biggest challenge in product delivery is the fact we are selling dreams. We cannot touch, feel or experience the product until we get there. Rannveig ensures a dream becomes reality every time with true product and customer delivery through Obeo Travel.
— Don Shearer (CEO Travelbiz Ltd)