Rannveig Snorradottir    Managing Director

Rannveig snorradóttir

Managing director

Born in Iceland and raised in Namibia, I have had a passion for travel as long as I can remember. The tourism-bug bit me early since I have been travelling since the age of 6. Today I’m honored to offer our customers quality holidays. I frequently travel as a tour leader with groups to Namibia.


Stefán Haukur Friðriksson

Sales & Marketing manager

Newest to the team, I am eager to help create the perfect itinerary for our clients. Having learned from the best (see left) I am well equipped to help with anything and everything.

Þröstur Eiríksson


From Iceland and having traveled extensively, I’ve been with Obeo since the start. Alongside working with Obeo I am also a Network Architect for Total E&P.

Birna Hauksdottir    CFO

Birna Guðbjörg Hauksdóttir


I have been working in the IT sector for the last twenty five years. I got my interest in tourism when I traveled with my family through Africa. I frequently travel as a tour leader with groups to Namibia.



Alan Sparling    Managing Director



Born in Ireland, I have worked within the Irish Travel Trade for close on 35 years. We were contracted to became the local representative for Obeo Travel in June 2016. Within the Irish Travel Trade, I am very well known and respected and taking on Obeo has been a wonderful opportunity. 

Jo-Ann Raleigh    Account Director

Jo-Ann Raleigh

Account Director

I have worked in travel for close on 20 years, initially in leisure travel and then moving into business travel as an account manager for a large corporate travel agent in Ireland. Today, I spend most of my time promoting the 3 companies we represent and taking on Obeo Travel has been a wonderful experience.




Johann Van Niekerk

managing Member

Born and raised in Namibia. My passion for tourism started when I obtained my Commercial Pilot Licence in 2006. Having flown over 4000 hours in Namibia, I got to experience the country, lodges and destinations. I currently still act as pilot, guide and ultimate tour leader on selected flying safaris.


David Botha

Managing Member

Born in South Africa, living in Namibia and I have worked in the tourism sector for the past 8 years. I am a qualified skydiving instructor and Pilot. I was contracted to become the local representative for Obeo Travel in 2016.  Obeo is an amazing DMC to work for.